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  • Shayan Rashid

Today, VOA broadcasts in over 40 languages to audiences around the world.

Today, VOA broadcasts in more than 40 languages to audiences around the world.


LanguageYears Broadcast
Afan Oromo*1996 to present
Afrikaans1942 to 1949
Albanian*1943 to 1945; 1951 to present
Amharic*1982 to present
Amoy1941 to 1945; 1951 to 1963
AnnameseSee "Vietnamese"
Arabic 1942 to 1945; 1950 to 2002; currently a sister broadcaster, MBN
Armenian*1951 to present
Azerbaijani*1951 to 1953; 1982 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Bangla*1958 to present
Bosnian*1996 to present
Bulgarian1942 to 2004
Burmese*1943 to 1945; 1951 to present
Byelorussian1956 to 1957


LanguageYears Broadcast
CambodianSee "Khmer"
Cantonese*1941 to 1945; 1949 to 1963; 1987 to present
ChineseSee "Cantonese" and "Mandarin"
Creole*1987 to present
Croatian*1943 to 2011
Czech1942 to 2004


LanguageYears Broadcast
Danish1942 to 1945
Dari*1980 to present
Dutch1944 to 1945


LanguageYears Broadcast
English*1942 to present
Estonian1951 to 2004


LanguageYears Broadcast
FarsiSee "Persian"
Finnish1942 to 1945; 1951 to 1953
Flemish1942 to 1945
French (to Africa)*1960 to present
French (to France)1942 to 1961


LanguageYears Broadcast
Georgian*1951 to present
German1942 to 1960; 1991 to 1993
Greek**1942 to 2014
Gujarati1956 to 1958


LanguageYears Broadcast
Hakka1951 to 1954
Hausa*1979 to present
Hebrew1951 to 1953
Hindi1951 to 1953; 1954 to 2010
Hungarian1942 to 2004


LanguageYears Broadcast
Indonesian*1942 to present
Italian1942 to 1945; 1951 to 1957


LanguageYears Broadcast
Japanese1942 to 1945; 1951 to 1962
JavaneseSee "Indonesian"


LanguageYears Broadcast
Khmer*1955 to 1957; 1962 to present
Kirundi*1996 to present
Kinyarwanda*1996 to present
Korean*1942 to present
Kurdish*1992 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Lao*1962 to present
Latvian1951 to 2004
Lithuanian1951 to 2004


LanguageYears Broadcast
Malayan1951 to 1955
Malayalam1956 to 1961
Mandarin*1941 to present
Macedonian*1999 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Ndebele*2003 to present
Nepali1992 to 1993
Norwegian1942 to 1945


LanguageYears Broadcast
Pashto*1982 to present
Persian*1942 to 1945; 1949 to 1960; 1964 to 1966 (radio feed service); 1979 to present
Polish1942 to 2004
Portuguese (to Africa)*1976 to present
Portuguese (to Latin America)1941 to 1945; 1946 to 1948 (contracted private radio stations to produce and transmit programs to Latin America); 1961 to 2001
Portuguese (to Portugal)1942 to 1945; 1951 to 1953; 1976 to 1987; 1987 to 1993 (VOA produced programs for placement on local radio stations)


LanguageYears Broadcast
Romanian1942 to 2004
Russian*1947 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Serbian*1943 to present
Shanghai (Wu)1944 to 1946
Shona*2003 to present
Slovak1942 to 2004
Slovene1944 to end of World War II; 1949 to 2004
Somali*1992 to 1994; 2007 to present
Spanish (to Latin America)*1941 to 1945; 1946 to 1948; 1953 to 1956 (VOA contracted private radio stations to produce and transmit programs for Latin America); 1960 to present
Spanish (Radio Martí)1985 to present (sister broadcaster)
Spanish (TV Martí)1990 to present (sister broadcaster)
Spanish (to Spain)1942 to 1955; 1955 to 1993 (VOA provided placement programming for local Spanish radio stations)
Swahili*1962 to present
Swatow1951 to 1953
Swedish1943 to 1945


LanguageYears Broadcast
Tagalog1941 to 1946
Tamil1954 to 1970
Tatar1951 to 1953
Telegu1956 to 1958
Thai**1942 to 1958; 1962 to 1988; 1988 to present
Tibetan*During 1950s on VOA Mandarin broadcasts; 1991 to present
Tigrigna*1996 to present
Turkish*1942 to 1945; 1948 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Ukrainian*1949 to present
Urdu*1951 to 1953; 1954 to present
Uzbek*1958; 1972 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
Vietnamese*1943 to 1946; 1951 to present


LanguageYears Broadcast
WuSee "Shanghai"

* indicates a language currently on VOA's broadcast schedule.

** indicates a VOA feed service, providing VOA-produced programming to local AM and FM radio stations.