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Former and current VOA Albanian staff at the service's 70th Anniversary, May 2013.

Former and current VOA Albanian staff at the service's 70th Anniversary, May 2013.


Voice of America aired its first broadcast in Albanian on May 13, 1943. In 1945, at the end of World War II, the Albanian language broadcasts were discontinued. They resumed in 1951. Back then, it was exclusively radio, but in November 1999, the Albanian service launched its first television program, a daily 30-minute news and information show called Ditari. Around the same time, the service capitalized on Internet and digital media opportunities to develop a vibrant website in order to maximize its audience engagement.

Voice of America’s Albanian Service is presenting unbiased, objective, and comprehensive news to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. The service promotes U.S. foreign policy objectives to a region that is susceptible to internal and external destabilizing forces.

The Albanian Service’s programs focus on building democratic institution, respect for the law, fight against corruption and organized crime, ethnic reconciliation and regional cooperation with an emphasis on American life, thought, and institutions. The service strives to enhance understanding of U.S. policies and perspectives regarding developments in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Audience Impact:

Media in these broadcast areas are subject to control and influence by the government, political parties, and business interests. In this media environment, the Albanian Service endures by being a trusted and authoritative source of information.

VOA Albanian’s television and web programs attract the largest audience than any other international broadcaster with a weekly audience reach of 49% in Albania, 59,7% in Kosovo and 39% in Macedonia.

Also four out of five regular viewers characterize the programs as “very trustworthy.”

Features/ Programming:

Ditari is a daily 30-minute news and information TV program that often presents interviews with high-level U.S. and regional political leaders. 41 TV affiliates in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia carry the program. The service tailors its products to the informational needs of each individual market. In that context, the Service provides special weekly interactive reports to two high-rated affiliates in Albania, Top Channel and News 24. These interactive segments usually focus on U.S. developments affecting the region. In total, the Albanian Service produces approximately 3.5 hours of TV programming per week.

Additionally, the Albanian service engages audiences through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Contact Information:

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