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Spozhmai Maiwandi

Spozhmai MaiwandiSpozhmai Maiwandi
Spozhmai Maiwandi
Spozhmai Maiwandi
Spozhmai Maiwandi
Senior Advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan

Spozhmai Maiwandi is the VOA Senior Advisor on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Maiwandi has traveled extensively throughout South Asia during her career. She speaks Pashto and Dari, the two national languages of her native Afghanistan, and is fluent in most of the languages spoken in South Asia, including Persian.

Maiwandi joined VOA on July 4, 1982 as one of the founders of VOA’s Pashto Service, and went on to serve 10 years as Chief of that Service. Subsequently, she worked as the VOA Coordinator for Afghanistan and Program Manager for the West and South Asia Division.

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