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William C. (Bill) Baum

William C. (Bill) BaumWilliam C. (Bill) Baum
William C. (Bill) Baum
William C. (Bill) Baum
William C. (Bill) Baum

Director, East Asia & Pacific Division

Bill Baum was appointed Director of VOA’s East Asia & Pacific Division in October 2010. He was Chief of VOA’s Chinese Branch from April 2000 until October 2010. He oversees broadcasts to Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Bill’s areas of expertise include Chinese and U.S. media, and U.S.-China-Taiwan relations.

Prior to joining VOA, Baum lived in Taipei and Hong Kong for 17 years. He served as Operations Manager and National News Director for the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation, a commercially-run duopoly in Taiwan. He worked his way up from radio reporter, covering everything from business to sports in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, including the opposition movements in Taiwan and China.

He also served as Asian News Director and Assignments Editor for Metro Broadcast Corporation in Hong Kong and as City Editor for the China News in Taipei, where he conducted first-hand investigative reporting about Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, constitutional reform and many other issues.




Chinese and U.S. media
U.S.-China relations
U.S.-Taiwan relations

Bachelor of Arts, Washington and Lee University
Master of Arts, National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan



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