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VOA Provides US Election Coverage to Desh TV in Bangladesh

Fast-moving 'VOA 60 Election' feature airs each Friday on Desh TV’s prime-time news program, which is carried on satellite throughout the region.

'VOA 60 Election' host Tahira Kibria.
'VOA 60 Election' host Tahira Kibria.
Kyle King

Voice of America has begun supplying Desh TV, one of the most popular satellite channels in Bangladesh, with weekly video updates highlighting the latest developments from the U.S. presidential election.

The fast-moving special feature, called “VOA 60,” wraps up the top news from the campaign trail in one minute, with the latest from the candidates vying to be president. The features air each Friday on Desh TV’s prime-time news program, which is carried on satellite throughout the region and elsewhere.

Desh TV websiteThe Director of VOA’s South Asia Division, Spozhmai Maiwandi, says the agreement enables Desh TV to take advantage of VOA’s journalistic resources in the United States, and will allow VOA to reach its audience in Bangladesh on a widely available television channel. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage of the U.S. election,” Maiwandi says, “and this agreement provides a vehicle for us to deliver the latest news and information to this important audience.”

VOA Bangla's Ahsanul HuqOn March 26th, VOA produced a special 10 minute program for Desh TV to mark the country’s 41st national day. The program included interviews with Professor Nurul Islam, Chairman of the first Planning Commission of Bangladesh, Dr. Nurun Nabi, a former Freedom Fighter from Bangladesh’s war of independence, and Sharmeen Ahmed, a peace activist and daughter of the country’s first prime minister.  The interviews focused on the country’s liberation war in 1971 and hopes for the future.

In addition to programming for Desh TV, Voice of America also provides weekly features to the Bengali language satellite television channel NTV, which is available throughout the region, in the Middle East and in Australia.  VOA Bangla programs are also broadcasts on radio and are available on the VOA Bangla website.

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