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VOA Internships

Are you motivated, hard-working, and enthusiastic? Maybe you should think about becoming a VOA intern!

General Information


  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Eligibility: Current enrollment at an accredited college or university, though exceptions are occasionally made for outstanding high-school students
  • Deadline: Rolling (6-12 weeks before desired start date)
  • Compensation: Voluntary and unpaid (though a transportation stipend is provided)
  • Credit: College credit is available, depending on student's school
  • Fields: Engineering, Journalism, Language Broadcasts, Public Relations, Special English, TV Technical Studio Operations, and TV to Africa
  • Benefits: Provides "real world" experience in a diverse and dynamic international broadcast organization

Interns accepted into the program will be required to submit a security form two weeks prior to their start date.  All answers must be typed. Access the form through the following link: 


* Note to international students: Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in the procurement of United States visas.



Internships By Department

Creative Services

  • Fields: branding, advertising, marketing, graphic design, animation, and production
  • Duties: research advertising, marketing, and promotional campaigns for different platforms; conceptualize and produce campaign components; plan projects; and design methods to promote the Voice of America and its products
  • Interests: advertising, marketing, promotions, graphic design, and animation
  • Requirements: an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a college or university degree program, with creativity; excellent skills in writing and communication; energy and initiative; the ability to multi-task; and the ability and desire to learn
  • Application: Send resume, cover letter and a brief, ideally pertinent, writing sample to Michelle D. Harris (mharris@voanews.com). Social media experience preferred.
  • Apply in February-March for Summer internships, in July-August for Fall internships, and Oct.-Nov. for Spring internships.

Technology, Services, and Innovation (TSI)

  • Fields: broadcasting/Internet technology, computer support, international business planning, project financial analysis, audience/media research, and geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Duties: tailored to the skill/interest level of the intern, including technical (engineering design or computer programming), analytical (data base research), or business support (international market research) projects (nb. TSI manages broadcast transmission, program delivery, and technical support; TSI internships do not entail any work in the studio with cameras, microphones, etc.)
  • Interests: engineering, technology, business
  • Requirements: some engineering, technical, or computer background, strong analytical/mathematical skills, ability to problem-solve
  • Application: send resume and cover letter to Terry Balazs (tbalazs@bbg.gov)

Note: TSI also offers a few paid summer internships to full-time students (U.S. citizens only) with appropriate technical qualifications.


Language Programming

  • Fields: radio, television, web, and social media (in 45 broadcast languages)
  • Duties: vary with each service, but may include writing news stories, assisting in the production of radio and television programs, updating web pages and social media platforms, and performing research
  • Interests: current affairs, communications, international relations
  • Requirements: excellent communications skills, research skills, ability to work under pressure, regional interest, language fluency,
  • Application: send resume, cover letter, and writing sample (in specific language) to jbeidleman@bbg.gov



Public Relations

  • Fields:  public affairs, communications, writing, event planning, website management
  • Duties: research and draft web articles and press releases, lead VOA studio tours, communicating with outside media, event planning, and promoting Voice of America projects and programs
  • Interests: public affairs, international relations, journalism, website content management
  • Requirements: enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate college or university degree program, excellent writing and communications skills, interest in international news, energy and initiative, ability to multi-task. Experience with photography, blogging, posting to websites, or social media campaigns preferred.
  • Application: Send resume, cover letter, and a brief, ideally PR-related, writing sample to VOA Public Relations (askvoa@voanews.com).

Learning English


  • Fields: Journalism radio, television, Internet, social media, teaching
  • Duties: writing news-related stories using a limited vocabulary for English learners; audio production, web article posting and social media audience engagement.
  • Interests: current affairs, journalism, English teaching
  • Requirements: excellent writing, research and social media skills
  • Application: send resume, cover letter, transcript(s), and two writing samples (news-related or features items) to Victor Morales (vmorales@voanews.com)



TV Technical Studio Operations

  • Fields: television studio set-up and operations
  • Duties: assisting TV technicians in setting up and operations in lighting, audio, camera control, video tape playback, and floor direction
  • Interests: general television studio operations
  • Requirements: general knowledge of and interest in television studio production, familiarity with production and technical terms, hands-on experience in TV studios/control rooms
  • Application: send resume to Larry Dorsch (ldorsch@voanews.com)


TV to Africa

  • Fields: television production
  • Duties: write daily show descriptions for our TV Facebook pages, assist with various video field shoots, edit various projects on Final Cut Pro and DaletPlus editing systems, run teleprompter for live TV shows, videotape logging, topic research, guest recruit, guest greeting, and other duties.
  • Interests: television production, international and Africa affairs, journalism.
  • Requirements: research experience, demonstrated interest in Africa and international affairs, communications skills, ability to meet deadlines and to work under pressure.
  • Application: send cover letter and resume to Roblyn Hymes (rah@voanews.com).



Workplace Engagement

  • Fields: Business, communication, leadership, intercultural communication, broadcasting or liberal arts
  • Duties: event planning, event photography, drafting articles for the employee newsletter, conducting interviews for the newsletter, attending and taking notes at meetings, posting content to the intranet site (SharePoint), analysis and compilation of data (in Excel spreadsheets) plus possible social media postings. Please note that some of the information that the interns see is confidential and interns are expected to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Interests: communications, international relations, business, writing.
  • Requirements: Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a college or university degree program. Flexible on the degree program, but most relevant for business, communication, international or intercultural communication students. Students should be familiar with Microsoft Office products.
  • Application: send cover letter and resume to Nancy Coviello (ncoviello@voanews.com).



VOA Information Services Division

Video Library Assistant:

  • Fields:Library science, television production, collection development; special libraries
  • Duties: May include all or some of the following activities: shot-level cataloging of video content; respond to producer requests for video content; search internal database and indexes; assist with circulation procedures; assist with processing stock footage materials; assist with videotape check-in and check-out; re-shelve returned tapes; tape shifting; apply barcodes and labels to tapes; assist research staff to pull and cue video content; assist Tape Distribution crew with runs and related duties; assist with video retirement process including updating collection data and shelf-reading; assisting with re-labeling, sorting, and pairing script and other associated information with videotapes and boxing for shipment.
  • Interests: Media collection management; Current news and international affairs; special libraries
  • Requirements: graduate or undergraduate study in Library Science or television broadcasting, detail oriented; good communication skills.
  • Application: send resume and cover letter to Pam Commerford, Chief of Video Archive Service (Plenz@voanews.com)



Program Acquisitions Assistant:

  • Fields: Television
  • Duties: Screening and logging video programs; editing new program masters on FCP and AVID; locating and keeping track of programs to be edited; following guidelines given for specific programs; prepare and/or adapt scripts for a number of acquired programs used by VOA language services in their television programs.
  • Interests: Television production
  • Requirements: Undergraduate in television broadcasting; FCP and AVID editing skills; familiarity with production and television technical terms, attention to detail, organizational skills, communications and writing skills, and ability to work under pressure.
  • Application: Send resume and cover letter to Jorge Bustamante, Chief of Acquisitions Service (Jbustama@voanews.com)

Contact Public Relations

Voice of America
Public Relations
330 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20237

Studio Tour

Tours of the VOA radio and television studios in Washington are available to the public. It's a fascinating look at the largest U.S. international broadcast operation. Tours are given most weekdays at noon and 2:30pm, and are free. Click on the picture for more info.