May 04, 2016 Washington DC 7:38 AM


  • The VOA Studio Tour entrance, at 330 Independence Avenue SW, in Washington, DC.
  • Multimedia tours take you throughout VOA's studios. (A. Klein photo)
  • Radio Master Control is the 'nerve center' controlling our radio broadcasts
  • A Peek Inside VOA
  • Look behind the scenes of live radio and television production.
  • A Peek Inside VOA
  • One of our many radio studios.
  • A radio technician inside one of the control rooms.
  • Audio and video reports from around the world come through the Feed Intake Center.
  • Our 30,000 square foot Newscenter is home to our central radio, television, and internet news services.
  • At you can find content in all of our broadcast languages, with many available on mobile devices and apps. (A. Klein photo)
  • A Peek Inside VOA
  • Voice of America's satellite dishes to broadcast across the world.
  • The TV master control center.
  • VOA's headquarters, near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

A Peek Inside VOA

Published 12.14.2010