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Director Ensor's Greeting

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Director Ensor's Greetingi
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May 04, 2012
VOA Celebrates 70 Years of Broadcasting Success Throughout 2012

Director David Ensor

VOA Celebrates 70 Years of Broadcasting Success Throughout 2012

Though it may seem difficult to believe, the Voice of America has been in operation for 70 years! We are proud of our accomplishments and eager to share with you not only our past, but also how far we have come and where we are headed.


Throughout this anniversary year, we will be updating this special part of our site, adding to it and highlighting other areas, so you can gain a better understanding of our work. For example, we currently broadcast in 43 languages – can you name them? We have broadcast in many other languages over the years, and you may be surprised at what some of them are. Did you know you can receive VOA news through your mobile device in most parts of the world? To get details and learn more, check us out! Adjoining, see the message from our 28th director, and on behalf of VOA’s nearly 1,200 employees, welcome!



Photo Galleries, Past & Present

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  • Top Row (left to right)- Nuuradin Dini Talason, Aden Mohamed Santur, Sahel Ahmed Abdullahi, bottom row (left to right)- Mohamed Ismail Noor, Hassan Mohamed Wehliye from Hagader Refugee Camp in Kenya show their VOA program guides and calenders.
  • Mustapha Aminu Gumel at a school in Jigawa State, Nigeria, gets news from VOA.
  • Mercy Naje, Albay, Philippines, gets her news from VOA.
  • John Bosco Komanakech, a student at Koch Primary School in Gulu, Uganda gets his news from VOA.
  • Nuuradin Dini Talason, from Hagader Refugee Camp in Kenya gets his news from VOA.
  • Abeogyan Abdul-Aziz, a VOA listener, graduating high school in Accra, Ghana.
  • Abebe Shambi, of Ambo, Ethiopia gets his news from VOA.
  • Willy Ibelizuo, from Anambra, Nigeria, listens to VOA.
  • Suvimol Chanmanon of Chiengrai, Thailand, is a fan of VOA.
  • Sanjeewa Jayatikk from Sri Lanka, is a VOA fan.
  • John Bosco Komanakech shows off his new VOA shirt in Gulu, Uganda.
  • Salayi Mzembe and her grandchildren in front of their home, get their news from VOA.

Photogallery VOA Audience Members Around the World

Many fans feel a special connection to VOA, and like to show glimpses into their lives. Here are some of their photos.

Photogallery VOA Worldwide Advertising

Examples of VOA billboards around the world publicizing our programs.

Photogallery Reporters in the Field

VOA reporters work around the world, in all conditions.

Photogallery Early Days at VOA

Images from early VOA.

Photogallery March 7th VOA Anniversary Event

VOA celebrates 70 years of broadcasting on March 7th, 2012.

Photogallery Legendary VOA Jazz Radio Broadcaster: Willis Conover

Willis Conover (1920-1996) was one of VOA's treasures, an internationally-known jazz aficionado, well-connected within the jazz community but little-known in the United States. During his more than 40 years on VOA's airwaves, Conover brought "America's music" to millions around the world. He was particularly popular in the countries behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

Stories from Past Directors

Dear VOA: Tributes & Messages

President Obama addresses VOA on its 70th anniversary
President Obama addresses VOA on its 70th anniversary

It's so rewarding to receive messages from those who have similar interests or who just enjoy your company. From “snail mail” to Facebook messages to recordings and more, VOA receives thousands of messages each year. There are questions and requests, many congratulatory and complimentary, but we get complaints, too! All show that our audience is engaged and cares about our work and how we do it.

We have been delighted to receive anniversary messages from around the world, from leaders and fans celebrating with us. If you would like to send a written, audio, or video message to add to these, please contact us at askvoa@voanews.com, or on our Facebook pages InsideVOA and Voice of America.



Photogallery Willis Conover, Jazz Icon

More well-known internationally than in the U.S., his appeal remains strong

Video Pronunciation Guide

Online resource sheds light on unfamiliar names

Audio Special English

Straddling the line between simplified and simplistic

From Then Through Today

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