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Jim Tunnessen, VOA Chief Information Officer

Jim Tunessen, VOA Chief Information Officer

Jim Tunnessen is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer of the Voice of America. He is responsible for the executive-level leadership and strategic direction of the VOA’s information technology initiatives, and the digital tools and technologies to improve business efficiencies and the VOA’s ability to identify and engage audiences.

Tunnessen joined Voice of America as the Chief Digital Officer on January 9, 2017 and was appointed to be the VOA’s Chief Information Officer in July 2018.

Prior to his role with the VOA, Tunnessen was a Chief Technology Officer at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) where he created and co-chaired the CTO council for the USDA’s 18 federal agencies comprised of 105,000 federal employees. There, he upgraded the infrastructure and introduced the USDA to new technologies, processes, and services to improve their connectivity and launch the digital transformation.

Previously, as the Chief of Digital Innovation and Development for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Tunnessen created the Digital Innovation and Development Group where he successfully implemented changes to the information technology organizational processes and culture with agile development practices, creating a DevOps organization, opensource development, and cloud solutions. He joined USCIS after implementing cloud-first application development and rolling out the enterprise social networking platform at U.S. General Services Administration. He is also a former U. S. Marine and U.S. Army officer.

Tunnessen is a frequent speaker on Innovation, DevOps, Agile Processes, Software Development, Cloud Solutions, and IT Modernization. He is also one of the four featured government technology experts in “Your Guide to DevOps in Government” published February 2016.

Tunnessen received his Masters of Business Administration from George Washington University.

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