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VOA Programming Weekly Highlights, May 25, 2023

VOA Mandarin’s G-7 Coverage Generates Substantial Audience Interest, Sparks Debate

Mandarin’s wide-ranging coverage of the G-7 summit was a huge draw with its 19 video clips and 24 reports generating nearly 800K views and 167K pageviews, respectively, from May 15 to May 22. “Hurry up, execute it now!” said one viewer of G-7 leaders’ pledge to counter China’s use of economic coercion to advance its goals. However, the tempered approach to “de-risk” instead of decouple from the world’s second-largest economy prompted another viewer to comment, “If they want to contain China, don’t even think about cooperating.”

VOA Ukrainian’s Comprehensive, On-the-Ground Coverage of G-7 Summit Drives Viewership

VOA Ukrainian Service’s first-hand coverage of the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, became the primary source of information for Ukrainian media with 13 live interactives for major channels, including Suspilne, RFE/RL Ukrainian, ICTV, 1+1, BBC Ukrainian, Pryamyi and We-Ukraine. Thirty media outlets also used the livestream with coverage garnering more than 217K views and more than 14.7K interactions on VOA Ukrainian’s digital platforms. VOA Ukrainian obtained and was the first to report that President Biden informed G-7 leaders of the United States' joint effort with allies and partners to train Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighter aircrafts to strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force.

VOA Spanish's Coverage of Ecuador’s Democracy in Crisis Grabs Widespread Attention

President Guillermo Lasso’s dissolution of Ecuador’s National Assembly prompted reactions from regional leaders, including Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, highlighted in a social media slideshow. Correspondent Nestor Aguilera reported on the electoral council’s call for new elections within 90 days, drawing 168K+ views across VOA Spanish's platforms. LatAm affiliates requested 56 live and pre-recorded news reports.

News Center's G-7 Coverage Attracts Wide Audiences

The News Center's comprehensive G-7 coverage included previews, regional developments, and on-the-scene reporting from White House Bureau Chief Patsy Widakuswara in Hiroshima, Japan, that has amassed over 1.1M views on YouTube since May 18. Leaders pledged to increase financial pressure on Russia, condemned China's trade practices, and addressed nuclear threats. The U.S. pledged F-16 fighter jets and another $375M to Ukraine. The summit touched on U.S. debt ceiling concerns and affirmed support for the Indo-Pacific region. President Biden met with Japanese and South Korean leaders and said conflict with China is avoidable.

VOA Persian’s G-7 Summit Coverage and Exclusive Interviews in Japan Draw Large Numbers

VOA Persian’s coverage of the 2023 G-7 Summit, President Biden’s visit to Hiroshima, and exclusive interviews in Japan drew more than 565,314 audience views from May 16 to May 22. Siamak Dehghanpour delivered multiple live hits from Hiroshima and reported on the G-7 stance on Iran. Dehghanpour also sat down with John Kirby to discuss Iran-Russia military cooperation and covered demonstrations by Iranians living in Japan. In Tokyo, he recorded interviews with members of the Liberal Iranians, NHK Farsi journalist Nahid Nikzad, Asahi Shimbun’s deputy editor, wrestling coach Javid Esfanjani, and Professor Yasuyuki Matsunaga on Japan-Iran relations.

VOA Portuguese Report on Africa’s Role in Drug's Transit Dominates Digital Platforms

A video about K9, a new synthetic drug in Brazil, recorded more than 750K views and more than 25K engagements on VOA Portuguese Facebook, YouTube and Instagram since May 16. The drug, which costs only pennies, is widely consumed, addictive, and spreading throughout Brazil's largest city. The report is groundbreaking because drug trafficking stories often go unreported. It highlights a crisis in Brazil, in which drug cartels have taken advantage of the country's historic ties to Africa and are using the continent as a transit point between South America and Europe.

VOA Deewa Report on Afghan-Iran Disagreement over Water Resources Generates Significant Views

A VOA Deewa report focusing on the disagreements between the Afghan Taliban and neighboring Iran over a festering water dispute generated 714K views and 70K reactions. “Water of Afghanistan belongs to the people of Afghanistan and Afghanistan should not accept any pressure on the issue,” Matiullah Kharoti, an expert on Afghanistan’s water resources, told VOA. The distribution of Afghanistan’s Helmand River water reserves has recently threatened the relationship between the two sides as they face droughts and the negative impacts of climate change.