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VOA Programming Weekly Highlights, July 20, 2023

VOA’s NATO Summit Value-Added Coverage Resonated with Online Audiences, Picked Up by Major Ukrainian TV Channels

VOA Russian and VOA Ukrainian services reported on the NATO Summit from Vilnius, Lithuania, delivering hours of original coverage that garnered more than 1.7M views across all digital platforms from July 10 to July 17. VOA Ukrainian’s special live TV broadcast included live simultaneous translation of President Biden’s speech in Vilnius, which six Ukrainian TV channels (Channel 5, Espreso, Channel 24, Pryamyi, Velykyi Lviv and Kurbanova Live) picked up. VOA Ukrainian provided 11 live interactives for major Ukrainian TV channels, including ICTV, Suspilne and the nationwide TV marathon.

VOA Spanish's NATO Summit Coverage Reaches 700K+ Views

From Lithuania, VOA Spanish covered the NATO Summit, providing real-time updates, articles, detailed reports and interviews with officials, including U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield. This coverage highlighted key discussions and decisions on global security, particularly on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Biden’s remarks on the summit’s achievements as well as innovative coverage, featuring Facebook Lives, combined with La Agenda del Día and Foro programming on the summit to attract 700K+ social media and web views. Correspondents Celia Mendoza and Jorge Agobian delivered 179 live and pre-recorded reports, lauded by LatAm affiliates for their quality and timeliness. “We want to thank [VOA] for the opportunity to inform all our viewers with the professionalism timely manner that characterizes [their] work, in this case, NATO coverage,” said Honduras-based Once Producer Judith Bellino.

VOA Persian Reports on NATO Summit and President Biden’s Trip to Europe

Farhad Pouladi reported on President Biden's trip to London, the NATO summit in Lithuania, and Finland. Farhad reported on Biden's meeting with the British Prime Minister in London. Farhad also reported that Biden met with NATO leaders and welcomed Turkey’s change of position regarding Sweden’s joining NATO. Farhad reported on the details of NATO members’ final statement about Iran: “The Islamic Republic should stop cooperating with Russia.” VOA Persian’s coverage of NATO summit and Biden’s trip to London and Finland drew more than 501,591 impressions between July 8 and July 14 on digital platforms.

Global Aggregators Rely on VOA’s ASEAN Coverage

Chief Diplomatic Correspondent Cindy Saine’s coverage of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s activities at the ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting in Jakarta was republished by aggregators on four continents. Her television package setting the scene for the meetings was picked up by Ground News (U.S.), Big News Network (UAE), and West Observer. Her web article on Blinken’s meeting with China’s top diplomat Wang Yi was republished by Diplomatic Times (Ghana), while her TV package wrapping up the summit -- which focused on Myanmar, North Korea and China -- was picked up by Globe Echo (U.K.).

VOA Mandarin’s Coverage of Congressional Testimony Prompts Retweets, Triggers Huge Response

“The U.S. should reflect on why it discovered the communists’ unruly behavior so late,” says a viewer of VOA Mandarin’s coverage of a July 13 congressional hearing on the growing risks American businesses face operating in China. The service’s reporting on a Chinese businessman’s testimony, which he retweeted, generated 1M views on Twitter between July 14 and July 18. It was also retweeted by the author of an influential China newsletter and an exiled rights lawyer who agrees with the businessman’s statement, “In China … there’s no rule of law, only rule by law.”

VOA French Story on Internally Displaced Persons Generates Audience Engagement

An original VOA French video on IDPs in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, who are facing shelter issues during the rainy season generated nearly 100K views and more than 900 reactions in less than a week since being posted on July 7. “If it were in Ukraine, the dollars would be pouring in, but here we are in Africa, so it’s a non-event for the rich people of the country,” wrote one viewer. The video is also airing on VOA’s Focus Sahel radio-on-TV show, which is carried by 12 affiliates in seven Sahel countries.