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Rebecca McMenamin, South and Central Asia Division

Rebecca McMenamin, South and Central Asian Division Director

Rebecca McMenamin is the director of VOA’s South and Central Asia division, which delivers programming in Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Bangla, Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, and Uzbek. She has extensive experience in international media and journalism – including programming, management, and digital development. McMenamin returned to VOA in March, 2020, after working for several years as a management and communications consultant. Prior to that, she held multiple positions within VOA/USAGM. She served as Acting Director of Programming and Director of Strategy for VOA for several years, during which time she expanded television and digital content, conceived and implemented a program to combat extremism in North Africa and grew the audience by more than 15%. She also pioneered what was the agency’s first Digital Media Office, where she developed the strategies and implementation plans for expansion of online efforts to mobile devices and social media. Among other VOA roles, McMenamin worked in the VOA newsroom as a duty editor and reporter; she led the English to Africa service; helped stand up a new service for Zimbabwe; and was the managing editor for the East Asia and Pacific Division.