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President Obama's Cairo Speech Popular With VOA's Multimedia Audience

Two-way communication via 'New Media' is a hit

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Extensive multimedia coverage of President Obama's eagerly anticipated speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt, on June 4 generated enthusiastic global responses for VOA. Feedback has poured in through VOA's website, YouTube video asking for audience reactions to the speech. Afterwards, the number of visitors to increased by 22%, and the traffic to VOA's website from Google News increased by 62%.

Video streams, audio, and the full text of the speech can be located at A multimedia map charting the distributions of Muslim communities around the world can be found at

VOA is also utilizing the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Language services posted story links on VOA's Twitter Pages (VOA_News and ObamaSpeech). Twitter followers nearly doubled during the first twenty-four hours after the speech aired.

Facebook fans of VOA's pages have significantly increased; fans from Pakistan, Korea, Nigeria, and the United States have posted their reactions to the stories. There are more than 1,100 fans on The Voice of America Facebook page. Viewers e-mail their reactions to for stories and immediate updates regarding Obama’s trip to the Middle East and his speech in Cairo. Read comments from readers from across the globe at

by Caitlin Daw