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Elez Biberaj

Elez BiberajElez Biberaj
Elez Biberaj
Elez Biberaj
Elez Biberaj

Director, Eurasia Division

Dr. Elez Biberaj was appointed Director of VOA’s Eurasia Division in December 2006, where he oversees the Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Bosnian, Greek, Macedonian, and Serbian language services. He has a Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University and is the author of three books and numerous scholarly articles. Dr. Biberaj has traveled extensively throughout Eurasia and he has frequently been invited to speak on Eurasian, Balkan, and Russian affairs by government, NGO, and media organizations due to his expertise and knowledge of Eurasia affairs.

Dr. Biberaj joined VOA in 1980 as a broadcaster in the Albanian Service. From 1982 to 1986 he worked in the Press Division of the former U.S. Information Agency as an analyst of Soviet and East European Affairs. Dr. Biberaj returned to VOA as Albanian Service Chief in 1986, and for the next 18 years helped transform the service into one of VOA’s most successful broadcasting units.
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