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Parke Brewer

Parke BrewerParke Brewer
Parke Brewer
Parke Brewer
Parke Brewer
Sports Editor

Whether for radio or TV, Parke Brewer, VOA Sports Editor since 1987, specializes in covering U.S. and international sports for a global audience. Brewer has covered 14 Olympic Games - 13 for VOA and one for ABC-TV – and seven World Cups, along with numerous Super Bowls, World Series, and major golf, tennis, track and field and other sporting events. Before coming to VOA, he worked for Satellite News Channel, ESPN, Enterprise Radio Sports Network, ABC Radio Networks, Mutual Radio Network and also worked as a freelance sports writer for a couple of newspapers.

Brewer is as comfortable delivering scores as he is analysis of current sports topics, such as the role of performance-enhancing drugs or the growing popularity of basketball around the world.

See what he has to say about:
Popularity of soccer in the U.S.
International sports
Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

U.S. sports for a global audience
International sports
Sports trends and analysis

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