April 16, 2014 Washington DC 6:03 PM

Key Executives

  • David Ensor, 28th Director of VOA

    David Ensor

    Director, Voice of America

    As Director of VOA, Ensor oversees a worldwide multimedia operation broadcasting in 43 languages, reaching an estimated 141 million people each week via radio, television, mobile, and the Internet.

  • Steve Redisch

    Executive Editor

    VOA’s Executive Editor, Steve Redisch, functions as VOA’s chief operating officer. He supervises the daily operations and activities of VOA's news, programs, language services, broadcast operations, and Internet departments.

  • Barbara Brady

    Chief of Staff, Voice of America

    Barbara Brady was named Acting Chief of Staff in January 2008. Prior to that, she served as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau since June 2007.

  • William A. Marsh

    Senior Advisor, Voice of America

    Will Marsh, Senior Advisor to the VOA Director since 2001, serves as advisor on VOA policy and management matters and coordinates a variety of activities on behalf of the Director.

  • John e. Lennon

    John E. Lennon

    Associate Director for Strategy & Planning

    John works closely with the VOA Director and his management team, and with the senior staff of the BBG on strategies and plans for advancing the mission of VOA in a new era of U.S. international broadcasting.

  • Rebecca McMenamin

    Rebecca McMenamin

    Acting Associate Director for Language Programming

    Rebecca McMenamin directs the programming activities at Voice of America, providing oversight and guidance for the distribution of some 1700 hours of programming per week in 43 languages.

  • Mark Prahl

    Associate Director for Operations, Voice of America

    Mark Prahl is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating VOA's radio and television technical operations, and for the overall management of the financial and human resources employed in the Operations Directorate.

Contact Public Relations

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Studio Tour

Tours of the VOA radio and television studios in Washington are available to the public. It's a fascinating look at the largest U.S. international broadcast operation. Tours are given most weekdays at noon and 2:30pm, and are free. Click on the picture for more info.