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  • Willis Conover in the studio with Irving Berlin
  • Conover's welcoming reception during a trip to Poland
  • Willis Conover works with an assistant
  • Conover with Bing Crosby, after interviewing him
  • Willis Conover with Sarah Vaughan
  • Willis Conover with pianist Oscar Peterson
  • Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) in Willis Conover's studio
  • Willis Conover and assistant select music
  • Willis Conover with Ella Fitzgerald
  • Willis Conover waves to fans
  • Dizzy Gillespie at VOA with Willis Conover
  • Publicity shot of Willis Conover at the microphone

Legendary VOA Jazz Radio Broadcaster: Willis Conover

Published 05.21.2012

Willis Conover (1920-1996) was one of VOA's treasures, an internationally-known jazz aficionado, well-connected within the jazz community but little-known in the United States. During his more than 40 years on VOA's airwaves, Conover brought "America's music" to millions around the world. He was particularly popular in the countries behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

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