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Emily Smithman

Intern: Emily
Intern: Emily
“Interning at VOA has provided me with an array of opportunities that the classroom simply cannot offer. My fellow interns and I lead studio tours, help plan special events, and promote different aspects of VOA through social media. One time, during a studio tour with high school students from Ukraine, I had the students meet the famous Ukrainian host, Myroslava Gongadze, who agreed to show them behind the actual set, an area not usually included in tours. CNN came to interview Parazit (a satirical show that is very popular in Iran), and I was able to observe the entire interview process. I’ve sat inside a TV control room during a live show. Interning in the PR office includes opportunities to learn about different aspects of international communication, from writing to television production to interview techniques and public speaking. It is an opportunity I would encourage other students to consider.”

  • Emily Smithman, Public Relations Intern (Spring 2011)