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Anna Poludenko

Intern: Anna
Intern: Anna
“At VOA, every day was different, but every day I was learning something useful. I got to experience how hard, but fascinating, it is to be a multimedia journalist. You have to know what’s going on in the world, you have to be able to shoot video, you have to be able to edit your video…And on top of that I learned to talk to people and make them trust you as a journalist. The VOA Ukrainian Service staff was very helpful and I appreciate their time and assistance. They helped me to learn in two months things that would take at least a year to grasp on my own.”

  • Anna Poludenko, VOA Ukrainian Service Intern (Summer 2011)

Anna Poludenko is a graduate journalism student and Fulbright scholar at Quinnipiac University. She wanted to see an international media organization like VOA at work and observe how multimedia journalists weather changes in the information age.