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Taylor Merriam

Intern: Taylor
Intern: Taylor
Familiar with VOA, Taylor is returning for her second internship with VOA’s Public Relations department. Last year, she capitalized on opportunities to attend a freedom of the press conference, lead studio tours, and interview prominent members of VOA’s staff (including Kianoosh Sanjari, her VOA celebrity crush!). This time around, she is contributing more written work for VOA’s internal newsletter and public relations blog. Her daily reads include the VOA Digital Frontiers blog, whose author, Doug Bernard, she interviewed about the changing pace of the Internet. “Such hands-on experience is priceless—not only for the skills I’m honing, but also for the diverse group of employees I meet every day,” she said.

  • Taylor Merriam, Public Relations Intern (Summer 2011)

Taylor Merriam is a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech studying Public Relations with a minor in Marketing – and spending as much time as possible exploring outside the classroom. She chose to work at VOA because she values its dedication to spreading accurate, comprehensive news.