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Lincey Qi

Intern: Lincey
Intern: Lincey
“Through this internship, I have learned how to “ask for answers.” Asking for answers isn’t as easy as I thought. I learned how to ask questions and how to ask the right questions. Asking colleagues and supervisors how things are done, asking for their career advice, asking experts and professionals for interviews, asking people about their experiences, and more importantly, asking myself what I can do to achieve my goals. At VOA, I was able to gain exposure to different forms of media. From translating international news to conducting interviews, I loved every part of it!”

  • Lincey Qi, VOA Chinese Service Intern (Summer 2011)

Lincey Qi is a first year Master’s student in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University- Nanjing University Center. A love for international affairs and the media led her to VOA’s Chinese Service, where her language skills became an invaluable asset.