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Michelle Crowson

Intern: Michelle
Intern: Michelle
“Whether I am interviewing inspirational journalists from around the world or shadowing production of the Latin American program, “El Mundo al Día”, each day at VOA provides me with new learning experiences and an exciting angle on world events. I am able to hone a variety of Public Relations skills by writing for the internal newsletter and blog, working on social media outreach, and leading studio tours. VOA is the perfect place to explore my interests in different cultures and languages, developed through my adventures travelling in Southern and Eastern Asia and living in Seville, Spain for four months. With 44 different language Services tucked into one building, the opportunities seem endless.”

  • Michelle Crowson, Public Relations Intern (Summer 2011)

Michelle Crowson is a rising senior at Virginia Tech, where she studies Public Relations and International Studies. Michelle applied to intern at Voice of America this summer because of her interest in news, writing, culture and languages.