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Claire Silverstein

Intern: Claire
Intern: Claire
“In my first week as an intern for the VOA English Learning Division, I got the opportunity to read letters from radio and Internet listeners from around the world. These testimonials from an ever-increasing number of listeners show that Special English programs make a difference in their lives. From Kosovo: “Dear friends from VOA Special English, you have the best program, and everyone is watching and listening to your programs here.” From China: “I am a Chinese student majoring in International Trade. I often listen to your program. It is wonderful. Thank you for your work, for my English has been improved a lot due to your program.” Knowing that the English Learning Division is so influential made my internship that much more fulfilling. Between sitting in on live radio broadcasts, attending meetings with people from around the world, and developing new content for “The Classroom,” I barely had time to eat lunch! But it was definitely worth it. As a hopeful strategic communications student, I am interested in the evolving balance between traditional media versus new media. I love the fact that I got the opportunity to work with classic forms of media such as radio in addition to new forms such as Facebook and Twitter. Interning at VOA has been an unforgettable experience!”

  • Claire Silverstein, English Learning Intern (Summer 2011)

Claire Silverstein is a rising sophomore at University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is hoping to major in Strategic Communication and Communication Arts: Radio, Television, and Film. She chose to work at VOA because she loves collaborating with diverse groups of people.