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Teddy Trilaksono

Intern: Teddy
Intern: Teddy
“I immersed myself in journalism and learned about a business I didn’t know much about before. Everything was very interactive. I remember helping the Indonesian Service put together a program about how Indonesian students in the U.S. celebrated Ramadan. When I wasn’t putting together a program, I translated and adapted Central News material into Indonesian and did voice-overs for the news packages. One of my favorite memories here was when the whole office celebrated a co-worker’s birthday, because it really showed how close and friendly everyone in the service is.”

  • Teddy Trilaksono, VOA Indonesian Service Intern (Summer 2011)

Teddy Trilaksono is pursuing a Masters degree in Education Administration and Policy at Michigan State University. He used his academic knowledge to help the Indonesian Service develop strategy for gearing their site towards classroom use, especially about American culture and life.