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Annie Pei

Intern: Annie
Intern: Annie
“VOA reminds me a lot of Vancouver, where I’m from, because of its diversity. I feel like I’m at home since I get to interact with people from all over the world, each of whom has his or own story to share. I absolutely enjoyed interning for the Public Relations department because I had the freedom to go and meet a wide variety of people. Not only did I meet and shake hands with past “Afghan Star” host Daoud Sediqi, but I also explored many of the language services while writing content for the “What’s Up Inside VOA” blog. If you want to go into international relations reporting, VOA is a perfect training ground because you are exposed to every region of the world, which adds to your knowledge of history and current events. In the span of one brief month, I have learned how the journalism business works and how beneficial it is to be in such a multicultural environment.”

  • Annie Pei, Public Relations Intern (Summer 2011)

Annie Pei is a rising sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics at the University of Chicago. She has always dreamed of being a foreign correspondent, and chose VOA to discover the inner workings of a news organization.