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Cristiana Grigore

Intern: Cristina
Intern: Cristina
“During my internship at VOA I shadowed producers, camera crews and reporters in several departments. I was amazed at the number of people involved in creating each program, apart from the host and the director. The process makes me think of how a symphony performs, with everyone playing their part to make a masterpiece. That sort of teamwork is inspiring to watch: you can see experienced reporters and technicians work with young, tech-savvy staff to come up with highly interactive features. I was struck by how careful the staff was to follow the principles and ethics of the VOA Charter and was impressed by their commitment to the accuracy of the information they broadcast. The mixture of different media (radio, television and web) and the myriad of cultures and people truly opened up my eyes to the world.”

  • Cristiana Grigore, VOA Intern (Summer 2011)

Cristiana Grigore, a Fulbright Scholar from Romania, is completing her graduate studies in International Education Policy and Management at Vanderbilt University. Cristiana is currently writing a series of articles for VOA’s Student Union Blog about studying and living in the United States.