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Han Gyeol Oh

Intern: Han
Intern: Han


“Interning for VOA’s Korean Service is actually the first time I’ve had a job, and my first time away from South Korea,” says Han Gyeol. “I think my favorite memory was hearing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta speak while I was out with the camera crew. It was really impressive, and it’s one of the reasons why I love going out of the office and helping the crew on their shoots. When I’m not with the camera crew, I translate a lot of articles from Central News so that our Korean audience can understand what’s happening around the world. Or, I’m working with the Web Desk team to upload content to our English learning programs like “English USA.” I also got the chance to do some voicing and dubbing in VOA’s radio studios for our programs. In the end, I have learned a lot about teamwork and how to interact with such a diverse group of people.”

  • Han Gyeol Oh, VOA Korean Service Intern (Spring/Summer/Fall 2011)

Han Gyeol Oh is a rising senior at Kyoung Buk National University in Taegu, South Korea. He is majoring in Mass Communications and Journalism, which led him to find VOA through WEST, a US-South Korea government-run program