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Dan Shen

Intern: Dan
Intern: Dan
“VOA Special English was the first and the most useful resource for me to learn English when I was a child and I never thought I could intern at this great place one day. As an international broadcaster in the U. S., VOA provides me a great opportunity to expand my talents and skills. Attending editorial meetings every day, leading the VOA Studio Tour, interviewing the China Branch Chief, visiting the studio control room, meeting with the “OMG Meiyu” reporter Jessica Beinecke, and working on the “What’s Up Inside VOA” blog, are all exciting experiences! VOA’s employees are not only professional, but also help me every step of the way in my own professional progress. Teamwork also plays an important role in my internship. In the daily Public Relations meeting, the staff encourages me to express my opinions. They love to listen to different voices and make decisions after careful consideration. Everyone has their own tasks, but when everyone comes together, they do the best job in the world.
I don’t know if I will be a great journalist or not in the future. But there is one thing I know for sure - interning for Public Relations at VOA will be an unforgettable amazing experience in my life.”

  • Dan Shen, Public Relations Intern (Fall 2011)

Dan Shen, from Suzhou, China, is a senior majoring in Communications and Economics at Michigan State University. Her passionate interest for international relations, culture, language and the media led her to choose VOA Public Relations, and she sees this internship as a valuable opportunity to communicate with diverse groups of people.