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Kasey Reisman

Intern: Kasey
Intern: Kasey
“I was attracted to VOA by its diverse language broadcasts and unique position in the global media broadcasting industry. Foreign languages and cultures have been my life’s passion, so I feel quite at home here. One of my personal objectives at VOA is to familiarize myself with its inner workings and diverse staff, and thanks to their spirit and energy I feel as though I am already well on my way. The people I meet who come to participate in the VOA Studio Tours have also been fascinating; whether it is a veteran who listened to VOA while stationed in North Korea or an Iranian family who watches VOA programs regularly, it is easy to see the countless, diverse lives that VOA touches every day. And then to think of the inspirational stories of VOA’s own employees, it is an honor to be part of such a meaningful organization! I hope to shed light on more VOA staff members’ stories on VOA Public Relations’ “What’s Up Inside VOA” blog. I also plan to meet members of the Latin America and East Asia & Pacific Divisions and witness how they report on current world events to their audiences in an unbiased way; something hard to come by for many speakers of Spanish and Chinese in other parts of the world.”

  • Kasey Reisman, Public Relations Intern (Fall 2011)

Kasey interns in the Public Relations office and studies Spanish and Chinese at Georgetown University. She applied for an internship with VOA because of her strong interest in media and communications and love of foreign languages.