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Yasmine Rahman

Intern: Yasmine
Intern: Yasmine
“When I lived in Egypt, my mom used to work for VOA and I saw how the organization brought the Egyptian and American communities together. I was always impressed by that. Now, as an intern with the Africa Division, where I work on television projects, I appreciate it even more. Being a communications major, I see how important interpersonal relationships are and how well everyone here maintains them. One reason VOA employees are good at this is because everyone is so nice and contributes so much – VOA has a perfect amount of everything and it all comes together. After all, I came to VOA not knowing what exactly I wanted to do in communications, but I immediately found that my skills, especially language-wise, were valuable here. I like using these skills that I never realized were actually marketable.”

  • Yasmine Rahman, Africa Division Intern (Fall 2011)

Yasmine interns in the Africa Division and studies Communications and Arabic at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has lived in Egypt, Niger, Morocco, Germany, and Haiti.