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Ellen Spolar

Intern: Ellen
Intern: Ellen
“Last year, I spent eight months living and studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This experience, along with my studies at the University of Wisconsin, has inspired me to explore a career in international affairs. My internship here at VOA with the English Division’s Current Affairs Unit has fit perfectly with that goal. I work on a team that produces three shows a week: Press Conference USA, Encounter and Issues in the News. Our shows broadcast mainly to Sub-Saharan Africa and therefore we deal largely with issues in the Middle East and North Africa.

VOA is not just a government agency nor is it a traditional broadcast service. I have been so impressed by VOA’s dedication to fill the freedom of press void that exists in many closed societies around the world. This internship has provided me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Middle East and the political turmoil of the region. I absorb new information and valuable insights every day. I felt quite nervous my first week, but my supervisor and colleagues have been extremely helpful. All my work here at VOA is very hands on, from guest research to script writing to sound editing, and I feel like a useful member of my Division’s team.”

  • Ellen Spolar, English Division Current Affairs Unit Intern (Fall 2011)

Ellen is an international studies major at University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is interested in writing, travelling, and volunteering. Since September, Ellen has gained a lot of working experience, particularly in the field of Middle East study.