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Satinder Kaur

Intern: Satinder
Intern: Satinder
“I enjoy working at the Voice of America because of the great people and the work I do. As a Public Relations Intern, I give studio tours and help audience members with any questions or requests they have. I also love the opportunity to write for the office blog, “What’s Up Inside VOA”. I take pleasure in my work because I do it with people I admire and appreciate. Though I am a full-time student, coming every week to the VOA is actually a break for me; it’s a place I can get involved and, thanks to the variety of divisions at VOA, learn deeply about regions of the world and the issues they face. I am always meeting new people and even interviewing them, which is always a privilege. Indeed, the main reason I was attracted to Voice of America was because of its many language services and the diversity you can find just by walking in the hallways. After all, I have always been attracted to different countries and enjoy traveling, whether it is to Italy, India, or other parts of the world. “

  • Satinder Kaur, Public Relations Intern (Fall 2011)

Satinder interns with the Public Relations office and studies History and languages at Georgetown University. She has always had a deep interest in world events and was therefore naturally drawn to VOA.