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Brian Thomsen

Intern: Brian
Intern: Brian
“I enjoy interning for VOA and the Public Relations office because of the amazing people that I work with. My fellow employees are fantastic and they are always eager to assist, mentor and guide me. At VOA, I meet an array of people from all over the world who are friendly, professional, and personable. I enjoy all aspects of my internship, but some of my favorite assignments include social media, blogging, and attending events and meetings. My interest in social media allows me to instill my ideas and thoughts through the Public Relations Twitter page, VOAbuzz, and the VOA Public Relations blog, “What’s Up Inside VOA.” Attending events, interviews, and meetings provides me with opportunities to interact and learn from experienced professionals. Staying current with what VOA – and the Public Relations office – is working allows me to make well-informed and confident decisions on my assignments. I am gaining experience that most college students never get and it excites me that my coworkers want to hear my ideas and thoughts. Looking ahead, I would like to a have career in Social Media and Public Relations so this internship is giving me invaluable hands-on experience. My ultimate goal is to gain as much information and feedback as possible in order to successfully progress and transition into today’s job market. I am grateful for my time here at VOA and this experience is what I am going to remember most about my college education.”

  • Brian Thomsen, Public Relations Intern (Spring 2012)

Brian interns in the Public Relations office and is a senior communications major at the Richard Stockton College of NJ. He chose to intern at VOA because of VOA’s strong international presence and his interest in the Public Relations field. Brian will graduate in May 2012, but before then, he plans to gain as much and as varied experience as possible before facing the job market.