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Kseniya Belik

Intern: Kseniya
Intern: Kseniya
“It’s almost impossible to describe how much there is to learn at VOA. As a Public Relations intern, I assist the Public Relations staff with studio tours, research, promotion through social media, and — my favorite — interviewing VOA’s diverse staff and then writing for the blog or internal newsletter. As part of my internship, I meet and interview a truly impressive assortment of international journalists and broadcasters at VOA. In the past month alone I’ve talked to the producers of “Parazit” (deemed the “Iranian Daily Show” by the Washington Post) and interviewed the famous Ukrainian TV host, Myroslava Gongadze. I’ve found that beyond the incredible range of VOA’s technical operations is a team of truly remarkable and unique people. Working and communicating with such a diverse mix of people has piqued my curiosity in foreign current events and cross-cultural communication. I have boundless learning opportunities and unparalleled experiences every day, which makes my time at VOA both exciting and rewarding.”

  • Kseniya Belik, Public Relations Intern (Summer 2011)

Kseniya interns in the Public Relations office and majors in Linguistics at University of Virginia. She decided to apply for an internship at VOA because she’s interested in international communication & multimedia, and loves interacting with and learning from diverse groups of people.