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Stearns' Blog Perspective on State

Journalist/Blogger Scott Sterns
Journalist/Blogger Scott Sterns
State of Affairs, a new blog by State Department correspondent Scott Stearns, provides a fresh look at the world of diplomacy.

Having returned from 3 years working in West Africa, where he was responsible for covering 26 countries, Scott’s now examining State Department pronouncements, the views of NGOs, ordinary citizens, and elected officials.

The emphasis is on sifting through and explaining divergent views. Scott’s eye for analysis stems from a career that began as a freelancer in the Liberian civil war, then moved to reporting for the BBC, AP, the Economist, VOA White House correspondent, and as the Bureau chief of the VOA Dakar and Nairobi Bureaus.

Scott’s new blog has already touched on Burma’s reform process, China’s increasing influence in the Sudan, and Secretary Clinton’s possible presidential run in 2016. As always, he highlights the complex nature of events.

“There is a lot that goes on at the State Department that doesn’t always find its way into the everyday file, so this blog is meant to bring some perspective to our coverage with some of the context behind how decisions are made here,” Scott says.

His first post on Burma and the lifting of some financial sanctions looks to economic and human rights experts from the Brookings Institution and Human Rights Watch Asia.