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VOA Teams Up with Stony Brook U. to Fight Misinformation

Partnership for News Literacy
Partnership for News Literacy

The Voice of America (VOA) is unveiling a new plan to leverage its massive international reach in the fight against disinformation, propaganda and plain old "fake news." The effort is being spearheaded by VOA and the Center for News Literacy at New York's Stony Brook University (SBU).

The unique partnership between VOA and Stony Brook will create a new series on news literacy that uses VOA's reach to inform English speakers around the world. The goal is to combat the disinformation permeating civil society today. The no-cost joint effort will adapt the digital resources of SBU’s Center for News Literacy to the Voice of America’s original series “News Literacy.”

The project, tentatively named the "Partnership for News Literacy" will open a new front in the war against the near-constant barrage of propaganda, hoaxes, and fake news that permeates social media. However, the program goes beyond tackling social media in that both organizations will work together to provide vital resources for journalists and advance the cause of credible journalism the world over.

Voice of America will be providing a broadcasting platform that reaches millions of English-speakers around the world, as well as providing editorial oversight for Stony Brook's content. The project is aimed towards fulfilling the missions of both institutions to inform the public in responsible and profound ways.

The news pieces derived from the groundbreaking association will be appropriately identified as a co-production between VOA and SBU - with VOA having final say on all editorial matters