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VOA Russian Language Service Launches New Travel Series

VOA Russian's travel series, "Great American Road Trip"
VOA Russian's travel series, "Great American Road Trip"

The Great American Road Trip (Aмерика. Большое путешествие) is a new 20-episode travel series produced by Voice of America’s Russian service that will debut on September 30, on the U.S. Agency for Global Media's Current Time TV channel. The channel broadcasts to and connects Russian speakers around the world and provides an alternative to Russian state media.

Each 26-minute episode takes the audience to U.S. cities and towns, exploring places and aspects of American life not ordinarily found in travel guides. Viewers will see locations through the eyes of their residents and learn about the history, culture and cuisine of American cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Seattle and lesser known places like the towns of Nome and Barrow in Alaska.

The Great American Road Trip is not just about places, but also about people. The series will introduce viewers to residents of communities like Ketchum, Idaho and Grand Island, Nebraska. The program will showcase self-made problem solvers and innovative thinkers who are role models in their communities. The series will spotlight women, immigrants and diverse public and private sector leaders.

“The programs of the Voice of America are committed to telling America’s story,” said VOA’s program director, Kelu Chao. “Above all, this series will address disinformation about everyday America that is propagated in Russian state-sponsored media.”

While the television series appeals to a broad audience, special attention is given to attracting and engaging young viewers through the dynamic, vibrant content and video production. A robust social media component will accompany the series, specifically designed to engage a younger audience and encourage its participation.