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VOA Celebrates International Women’s Day with Applause for “Our Voices”

VOA Director Amanda Bennett speaking on behalf of "Our Voices"
VOA Director Amanda Bennett speaking on behalf of "Our Voices"

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Voice of America Director Amanda Bennett spoke about the uniqueness of VOA Africa’s newest show, Our Voices, a Pan-African women’s show gaining popularity. The half-hour English TV program has aired more than 15 episodes and been picked up by more than 30 affiliates. It focuses on African women’s issues throughout the continent and around the world, showcasing the many different cultures, languages and views Africa has to offer in one tightly knit production.

Director Bennett stressed to the audience that, “women’s issues are everybody’s issues,” and noted VOA’s efforts to showcase stories focusing on women. One of the goals of Our Voices is to open a channel for dialogue with both African women and men on important political, economic and social issues, which will move the continent to a place with greater gender equality.

The event was organized by VOA’s Women Caucus, which aims to connect women and men across VOA to advance reporting on women around the world and support the media careers of its members. The Caucus continues to bring hundreds of colleagues together for discussions, workshops and brainstorming sessions and strives to create a vibrant environment of learning and growing together professionally. The Leadership Board consists of 10 members, representing all segments of VOA.