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VOA Joins BBC, DW, and France24 on New YouTube Channel in Turkish

+90, a YouTube channel for Turkish speakers featuring VOA, BBC, DW and France24

On April 29, 2019, Voice of America joined ranks with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Deutsche Welle (DW) and France24 to launch +90, a YouTube channel for Turkish speakers interested in international politics, business, social issues, science and culture. The channel aims to provide independent and accurate information that promotes free speech and a multitude of perspectives on current affairs.

“We are supporting +90 because we want to create truly impactful content and conversations that matter,” said Eric Phillips, program manager for VOA’s South and Central Asia division. “VOA’s approach is ‘digital first’ and via YouTube we hope to reach young, influential people. It is paramount that they can express their opinions freely.”

+90 will feature unique content from the four international broadcasters ranging from reports and interviews to other special features. All content is available on demand.