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Middle East Voices Website Re-launched

Middle East Voices
Middle East Voices
VOA has upgraded its Middle East Voices website to a more user-friendly format that is specifically designed for optimal display on smartphones and tablets.

“Target audiences are shifting away from conventional desktop computers, and smartphones are increasingly the way people get their news,” says Middle East Voices Managing Editor Davin Hutchins. “With the smaller screen size it’s important for websites to be legible, functional, and to be able to switch to horizontal or vertical orientation,” Hutchins says.

This week, the website features interviewed the two main candidates in the upcoming Egyptian presidential election: Abdel-Moneim Abolfotoh and former foreign minister Amr Moussa, who discussed U.S.-Egyptian relations and other foreign policy issues.

Since its launch in November, Middle East Voices has been steadily growing its audience. The project serves as a platform for users to contribute to the online discussion of pressing issues in the region and express themselves freely on political, religious, or other controversial topics.

Because social media plays an increasingly important role in the dissemination of news in the region, Middle East Voices also combines various communication channels on its website, to enable people to tweet, blog, or upload photos, audio and video in real time.

Middle East Voices describes itself as: “A unique social journalism project powered by Voice of America. Our site is designed to present balanced, high-quality journalism and at the same time stimulate dialogue and understanding between people in the Middle East and the West. On our platform you will find in-depth articles, captivating essays and engaging videos on pressing political, economic, religious and social issues reshaping our world.”