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VOA Chronicles Major Events from US History in New Docuseries

Voice of America recently launched a new original docuseries titled "From Yalta to Malta: Unveiling the Past." In this series, VOA uncovers the pivotal role that the United States has played in building its own trajectory across history and its vital connections between the past and the present.

Over the past year, a team lead by VOA Executive Producer Euna Lee has developed this historical explainer series, consisting of five episodes, that delves into the significant events that have profoundly influenced our world.

"We are very proud to release this series during this critical time. As we navigate today's challenges, with tensions rising and conflicts looming, it is essential to understand how the past has shaped our present,” said Lee. “This series sheds light on the lasting influence of the Cold War era. By understanding our journey, we can work towards a wiser and more peaceful future."

A promo for the new VOA series illustrates the program’s timeline, stating:

It’s the 1940s, and millions of people have perished in World War II. Hopeful to end the war quickly, the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union (USSR) have worked together in an alliance.

The series continues to trace the diplomatic relationship between these three nations as it evolves from the Yalta Conference, through the Cold War until the ultimate fall of the Berlin Wall before the 1989 Malta Summit.

All five episodes are now available on VOA+, YouTube and the "From Yalta To Malta" webpage.

Click here to learn more about the new VOA docuseries, “From Yalta to Malta.”