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VOA Launches New Section Dedicated to Global Coverage

VOA Global Coverage
VOA Global Coverage

Voice of America recently launched VOA Global, a new site that highlights the latest news and analysis from VOA’s 48 language services.

“For a long while, we have wondered how we could show the best news and information from across our various language services in one place,” explained Acting VOA Director Yolanda López. “This new feature allows our audiences to see content that they might not have considered, making it a hub for daily news.”

VOA Director of Digital Strategy Matthew Baise explained, “VOA Global is a real-time showcase of Voice of America's reporting across its 48 websites. Users can see a running tally of every article and video from the last 24 hours, as well as a predictive play bar that anticipates when the next piece will go live.”

As conflicts, major elections and other significant events emerge, the VOA Global Coverage section will attract new audiences to see trustworthy and objective news and information across VOA’s language services.