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Ukrainian Vocalist Raises Her Voice in New VOA Documentary

On February 24, 2024, two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Voice of America released its documentary about Ukrainian singer-songwriter Jamala.

Titled “Jamala: Songs of Freedom,” the documentary follows Jamala in the early days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and her activism in support of her country.

“Jamala is on the front lines of change, using her voice in every sense of the word to help her country,” said Executive Producer Beth Mendelson. “Through her collaboration with VOA, Jamala tells a powerful story while bringing global awareness to the war in Ukraine.”

After gaining fame as the winner of the 2016 Eurovision contest – for which she performed her hit “1944,” about Russia’s deportation of Crimean Tartars to Central Asia in that year – Jamala is using her international platform to speak out for her country. Jamala has performed at renowned venues, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Kyiv Opera House, and the 2023 Eurovision contest held in Liverpool.

“It is an honor to tell Jamala’s story to a global audience,” said VOA Acting Director John Lippman. “As the war in Ukraine enters its third year, VOA will continue to deliver stories of real people in the wake of conflict.”

The film will be translated into 11 languages for audiences on VOA platforms and VOA affiliates around the world.