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VOA Marks Auschwitz Anniversary With Special Coverage, Interviews

VOA commemorated the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz with a week of special coverage.

Washington, D.C., January 27, 2005 - The Voice of America (VOA) is marking today's 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz with special coverage all week, including reports from the United Nation's first commemorative session and an interview with Croatian President Stjepan Mesic on the Croatian pro-Germany wartime government and his country's commitment "never to forget" such crimes.

In an exclusive anniversary-eve interview, Mesic told VOA that "crimes committed in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz can never be forgotten, nor will their repeating ever be allowed." Discussing the Croatian death camp at Jasenovac and the 7,000 Croatian Jews deported to death camps in Poland by the Croatian Ustashi government, Germany's wartime allies, President Mesic said that Croatians "can move forward only if we face the truth, and do not attempt to rewrite history, or try to explain it differently."

Correspondents in Krakow, Poland as well as in Belgrade, Brussels, Budapest, Jerusalem, Moscow, and the United States have added to VOA's coverage of the anniversary. Earlier in the week, VOA reported from Monday's special session of the United Nations' General Assembly meeting, where foreign ministers and dignitaries joined death camp survivors for a solemn observance.

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