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Chairman of Nigeria's Anti-Corruption team tells VOA's Hausa Audience 'No One is Above the Law

Nuhu Ribadu, Chairman of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crime Commission, vowed that his commission will investigate and prosecute any corrupt Nigerian.

Today's Hausa-language radio call-in show featured Nuhu Ribadu, Nigeria's Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and Assistant Commissioner of Police. Chairman Ribadu answered questions about the activities of his commission and how the commission has been able to bring very senior Nigerian leaders to trial for corruption.

Mr. Ribadu told VOA that there would no longer be sacred cows in Nigeria when it comes to the fight against corruption and no one was above the law. Answering questions from Nigerians Nehru Ribadu decried the cancerous nature of corruption in Nigeria and vowed that his commission will investigate and prosecute any corrupt Nigerian.

“We are coming after them no matter how highly placed. Many highly placed Nigerians are corrupt and have used stolen public funds to rig elections,” he said. Mr. Ribadu denied any political bias or victimization in the activities of his commission, saying every case is investigated thoroughly.

He further told VOA that in about 26 months of its existence, the EFCC has been able to prevent more than $23 billion from being spent recklessly or stolen by government officials.

Mr. Ribadu acknowledged the support of the American government, Germany and Britain in its efforts to fight corruption. He disclosed that very recently, the European Union pledged a sum of $30 million to help the EFCC battle corruption in Nigeria.

The Commission's work recently lead to the resignation of the former Senate President Adolphus Wabara, the resignation of the former Police Inspector General Tafa Balogun and the firing of Nigeria's Education Minister, Prof. Charles Osuji, by President Obasanjo. They are all currently undergoing trial in Abuja, Nigeria. Most top government functionaries and governors are under investigation and the fear of the EFCC is palpable all over the country.

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