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VOA Increases Persian Coverage of Iran’s Election

Special live reports, commentary, and analysis enhance radio, television, and Internet coverage of Iran's election.

Beginning Thursday, 16 June, coverage of Iran’s 17 June presidential election will dominate VOA’s Persian radio and television broadcasts. Programs will include reports from journalists and live commentary by experts and analysts from inside Iran and around the world. Callers will have more opportunities to speak with these experts, who include Sohrab Sobhani from Georgetown University; Masoume Ganji, the wife of political prisoner Akbar Ganji in Iran, who is on a hunger strike; California political activist Sardar Haddad, human rights activist Elahe Hicks, and Ayatollah Haeri.

VOA has already translated and aired Persian audio of President Bush’s text statement on the election that the White House issued today. Coverage of the statement is on VOA’s English web page. VOA's Persian web page has a special election coverage section.

On Friday, the live TV-radio simulcasts News & Views (at 1600 UTC) and Roundtable With You (at 1700 UTC) will both feature special reports. News & Views will have live reports from Beirut, Paris, London, and the U.S. State Department. Roundtable With You, a call-in show which airs about 1 hour after the Iranian polls close, will be extended to 2 hours. It will include special reports, analysis, and commentary as well as the participation of journalists who have been closely following this election: Masoud Behnoud from London and Alireza Meibodi from Los Angeles.