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VOA Debuts Hausa Series on Hunger in Niger

The 3-part series begins 29 June and will repeat next week

VOA's Hausa Service today began a 3-part series on the famine and hunger in Niger that is devastating approximately 10% of the country's 12.5 million population.

The first part is a situation report on the famine and starvation problem in the areas affected, including eyewitness accounts by Hausa stringers in Niger who visit affected areas and feeding centers.

Part 2 focuses on what is being done by the Niger government, rich individuals in Niger, NGOs, the U.N.'s World Food Program, and the international community.

Part 3 looks at what more needs to be done, with perspectives from the government, the World Food Program, agricultural experts, the people most affected.

For more information, see the Hausa website. Audio will be available on the site Friday.