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Thursday at 1600 UTC, Talk to America Focuses on the U.S. Peace Corps

Learn more about the work of the Peace Corps and hear first-hand stories from current and former volunteers

For more than 40 years the U.S. Peace Corps has been sending American volunteers to nearly every corner of the world -- all in a mission to help people help themselves. Skilled in language, agriculture, economics or other fields, the volunteers serve two-year assignments, often to parts of the world they might never have even heard of, to face the challenges and rewards of helping others build a better life.

On Thursday's Talk to America host Doug Bernard and his guests explore what the Peace Corps is and what its volunteers do. Listeners will also hear first-hand from volunteers and the people they work with about their often life-changing experiences. To listen live or at your convenience, or for more information, visit the Talk to America web page.

- Erfan Mojaddam: a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia
- Henry McKoy: Regional Africa Director of the U.S. Peace Corps
- Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA): Member of Congress & returned Peace Corps volunteer
- Lisa Martin: President of the organization Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC