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Srebrenica Survivor Tells His Story on Studio Washington

Elvir Mujic appears live on Bosnian TV program Wednesday at 2130 UTC

In July 1995, hundreds of Muslims were massacred in the supposed U.N. "safe haven" town of Srebrenica in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. Elvir Mujic, who was 18 at the time, evaded capture and escaped into the neighboring mountains. With the 10th anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica coming up next week, Mujic appears on today's Bosnian TV news program, Studio Washington, to talk about his experiences.

Mujic's story continues through his time in Yugoslav prison camps, to his travel to the U.S. after being sponsored by an American family. He is currently a Consular Officer with the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tune in to hear Elvir Mujic tell his powerful story. For more information on VOA's Bosnian Service and programs, visit their web page at