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VOA Hausa Launches Four New Programs

VOA Hausa broadcasts 10.5 hours a week to West Africa, where it has earned one of VOA's largest radio audiences around the world.

Washington, D.C., August 1, 2005 – The Voice of America’s (VOA) Hausa service has launched four new radio programs for its audiences in Nigeria and several other West African nations: Tsaka Mai Wuya (Hausa Political Crossfire), Ra’ayoyin Masu Sauraro (Listener’s Mail), Sharhin Jaridun Afrika (Africa in the U.S. Press) and Sharhin Jaridun (Press Review).

VOA Director David S. Jackson said he hoped the new shows would attract even more listeners to the Voice of America's wide variety of broadcasts. “Since 1979, our Hausa broadcasters have provided accurate, balanced and timely news to their more than 25 million listeners in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Cameroon and Chad,” he said. “These new programs will continue Voice of America’s high standards and tradition of excellent programming.”

VOA Hausa broadcasts 10.5 hours a week to West Africa, where it has earned one of VOA's largest radio audiences around the world. According to Jackson, the service's popularity is due to the quality of its staff.

“Our Hausa service brings together the best professional talents from diverse religious, ethnic, cultural, and academic backgrounds,” he said. “Like all of our broadcasters, they don't represent any interest groups, either foreign or domestic. But they do represent the best in journalism, and by following the standards of the VOA Charter, which requires all of our broadcasts to be accurate, objective and comprehensive, our Hausa-speaking audiences know they can trust the Voice of America." (VOA's Charter has been a U.S. federal law since 1976.)

VOA Hausa receives thousands of letters and emails each month from listeners across its broadcast area. One listener, Abdul-Hadi Dabo from Kaduna, expressed his appreciation for Tsaka Mai Wuya (Hausa Political Crossfire), and commended VOA Hausa’s objectivity: “I am writing this mail to commend you for telling the truth no matter how bitter it is regarding the happenings around the world.”

Another listener, Mahammad from Katsina, wrote, “We are full of thanks to you each time we hear your voices and the news you provide us because of the strength of the truth contained therein.”

Tsaka Mai Wuya airs Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a repeat on Saturdays; Ra’ayoyin Masu Sauraro (Listener’s Mail) airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Sharhin Jaridun Afrika (Africa in the U.S. Press) airs on Wednesdays. Sharhin Jaridun (Press Review) airs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, focusing on Nigerian, Niger and Ghanian papers, respectively. These Hausa programs can be heard on the following shortwave frequencies, among others: 4940, 9815 and 12080. They also air on medium wave and FM frequencies through affiliates in Nigeria, Niger and Ghana. For more information on programs, frequencies and scheduling for VOA Hausa, please visit us at

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